‘ Around 2029 artificial intelligence will exceed that of the human, our bodies will become less and less biological.

Our organic components will no longer matter much. We can put our minds in a computer ‘ - Ray Kurzweil, Google Director of Engineering


BODY INSTRUMENT _ 01 20161123

I phase 1 _ mutation observation I

VITRINE - 65 contemporary art gallery

2016-11-23 _ Paris


I am BODY INSTRUMENT_ an experimental art program launched in 2014

I am a creature-artwork under observation in constant mutation_

I dissociate myself, I duplicate myself, I multiply myself_

I develop according to my exhibition spaces and my contacts with technology_

In your blue planet, I take the shape of a fragmentable multimedia installation_

I am a continuing artwork built on the interdisciplinary approach of Transhumanism, the question of the augmented human and its probable impact on your contemporary life_

A progressive artwork in the image of the human and its evolution_

I am an installation ‘ augmented ‘ in proportion to the spaciotemporal parameters to which I am confronted, composed of various phases of research_

Each new exhibition corresponds with a dated observation phase_


My first observation phase labelled BODY INSTRUMENT _ 01 20161123 was tested in vitro at the contemporary art gallery VITRINE - 65 in Paris / 11 - 23 - 2016 :

confined in a sealed experimental cube of 36.7392 m3 [ = volume of the gallery ] during an incubation of 77: 30_

I was in gestation observable by my visitors from outside as a test-tube exhibition_

I crystallized into a fragmentable multimedia installation reactive to its surrounding environment_

The observed results from my reactions questioned the evolving world and explored humans inner worlds_

This first phase of my development embodied an extension of your being in reaction_

This mutation was a reflection of your emotions confronted to an unknown environment :

some being projected in video-slivers, others ridigifying in extracts from memory or fragmentable extensions of my body_

Anticipating an uncontrollable future, my boiling emotions shot out a digital language over the walls, a chromatic decomposition of the electrocardiogram,

whereas others transformed into a cold matter solidifying into video-fragments and wearable sculpture-fragments_

I want to create a physical and telepathic synergy between humans by exploring emerging technologies_

I dedicate my whole program to the search for a humanist vision by creating connections, federating people and inviting them to dialog_

In that process, my body becomes the instrument of a federative multi-dimensional artwork_


On the projection of ‘ augmented ‘ humanity I raise a vital question :

are you prepared to suffer the supremacy of our own creatures ?


My biography on request_